It’s a sad fact that hair loss begins earlier than we might want, and that it completely changes the apparent shape of a man’s face – which completely changes everything else about their appearance, from how people react to the way you wear your facial hair right down to which glasses frames, if any, suit you.

Watching Karl Pilkington try a hair replacement solution on a second-season episode of The Moaning Of Life has been a revelation for many men; he speaks openly and honestly about his reaction to the process, and even when it’s only partly done, as he considers the progress so far in the mirror, it’s clear that he likes what it’s done for him, even if he’s not sure what that says about him.

In many ways, that sums up the dilemma most men with male pattern baldness face; is it a sign of embarrassment or weakness to do something about it? Should you feel guilty for preferring how you looked with hair?

Karl definitely doesn’t think so; the smile on his face by the end of the segment makes it clear that for all his initial misgivings, he’s glad to have taken the plunge, and it’s that moment which has galvanised many men into doing something about their long buried frustration.

He talked about how much younger he looked, calling the process a “time machine” back to 1993 – not bad at all for an episode filmed 22 years later. Karl feels younger, rejuvenated, and refreshed; no wonder his initial misgivings have ebbed away.

As well as what it’s done for Karl’s self-confidence and self-image, as well as those of the countless other men who’ve taken the plunge worldwide, you have to remember that how you look matters to other people, too. We shouldn’t, but we do all make value judgements on how someone presents themselves, their overall appearance, and the way they wear their hair – and how much of it there is – is definitely part of that assessment. In life and in business, the first impression can be crucial.

Karl looks younger right from the off. His signature goatee beard no longer seems an old man’s chin scruff, but instead fits naturally with the hair the stylists have designed for him.

Hair replacement solutions are custom-designed and tailored to each individual client. They must be – any two men with identical hairstyles will look vastly different, and it’s unlikely that they’ll both look as good as each other.

When booking these treatments, we consider it a priority to arrange a consultation before any work is done; the solution offered needs to fit your lifestyle, and it should be tailored to exactly what you want your new image to say about you, and what you’ll be comfortable with.

Before and after galleries of our procedures are also available, to help you see how your own look will adapt if you follow Karl’s lead and take control of your look back.