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The Advantages of Hair Replacement Systems?

Our Non surgical Hair Replacement is your easiest and most affordable way to restore the look and feel of your natural hair, it provides you with non-invasive, non-surgical options for dealing with your hair loss.

Unlike Surgical hair transplant procedures, they're reversable, offer the flexibility to change characteristics as you age and you won’t suffer the pain, discomfort or numerous problems associated with transplant surgery

  • 100% customised to you needs.
  • Undetectable to sight and touch.
  • Effectively and rapidly restores your hairline.
  • Restores natural recessions relative to age and facial characteristics.
  • Restores normal density to Crown, Top and Frontal areas.
  • Restores confidence and self-esteem.
  • Allows you to create the hair style you really want .

We begin by creating a flexible template of the hair loss area including where appropriate, the position and curvature of the hairline and recesions relative to age, this is then used to produce the technology's advanced "second skin".

Micro Skin Technology

Known as a "Hair System" and working similar to the way a contact lens is applied to the eye. the system is applied to the scalp in the hair loss area, and is virtually undetectable to both sight and touch.

The end result is the most natural appearance possible.

Using samples from your natural hair to match the colour and texture, thousands of individual strands of hair are Injected into the "second skin" to replicate your natural hair, achieving the desired direction of growth, shape and density.

Your hair system can be customised in many ways including such things as adding Hilights. Generally it takes about 8-10 weeks to be produced. If you don't want to wait that long there are other option which can be discussed in your consultation.

With some 30 years experience and extensive knowledge we are the best placed to help you restore your confidence and really get the best results relative to the extent of your hair loss.

Your hair is extremely important to the way you look and feel, at every stage we will be working with you to help you create your dream head of hair.

Prices start from around £600-800 depending your agreed specifications.

As you see from the images displayed at the top of the page, we have a number of clients willing to share their experiences with you if you have any questions.

Find The Right Solution For You

Our solutions always start with an initial consultaion.

We like to begin with an informal chat on the phone, just to establish the extent of your hair loss and what you would like to achieve, because no matter your age or gender, hair loss can be upsetting and everyone’s needs are different. If you then feel a face to face consultation will be helpful, no problem, we will arrange a mutually convenient date and time.

Just let us have your contact number and we'll get straight back to you.

Our consultations are structured to confidentially discuss your concerns, hopes and aspirations, answer your questions and advise, what realistically can and cannot be achieved.

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