Going bald is far from uncommon- it can happen to any of us at any age. Many people start going bald at 20, and some even start to lose their hair even before this.

One of the major factors contributing to hair loss in young men is the effect of a hormone related to testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is the primary contributing factor to male pattern baldness in males of all ages.

Before puberty males obviously do not produce testosterone- it is only as you develop through puberty and into adulthood when more and more dihydrotestosterone can be produced causing hair loss.

It is this relationship between the hormones testosterone and dihydrotestosterone which leads to young males- often who are particularly fit, active and masculine- losing their hair at a much younger age than their peers.

Do you find yourself thinking “I’m going bald young”? If so and it’s of concern to you then consider this advice on how to stop going bald young, and call the advisors here at New Image Clinics for expert advice and tips.

How To Stop Going Bald


Stress and anxiety can seriously exacerbate hair loss. Try and avoid confrontation and get plenty of sleep to slow hair loss down.

Take care of your hair and scalp:

A clean head of hair is a healthy head of hair. Keep your hair clean and free from chemicals or products which could be damaging to your hair’s health.

Eat Healthy:

A balanced diet rich in vitamins (especially B and E) which is rich in protein and healthy oils can do wonders.

Consult an Expert:

An expert can help advise whether your hair loss is something to be concerned about or not. The New Image experts have decades of experience in assisting individuals suffering from hair loss of all kinds. They have seen it all, tried it all and developed hair restoration techniques which are unrivalled by other hair loss clinics. If you are concerned you are losing your hair, contact New Image today. The faster you take action, the better your chances of retaining a full and healthy head of hair.