Balding and hair loss can be quite a distressing experience for men and women alike. However, one thing to know about hair loss is that if an autoimmune disease or genetics causes it, hair loss can be irreversible. However, some treatments help make the hairloss progress slowly, which addresses the issue due to which the hair loss gets triggered. For instance, hair loss can be triggered by hormonal problems, undergoing anti-acne treatment, or using bad Hair styling products. In such cases, it also takes three months for the hair to grow or reverse the hair loss.

Before understanding whether or not a hair can grow back after balding, it is important to understand the three main situations that cause balding.

1) Male Pattern Baldness

This baldness occurs in men in the middle of the head or temples. It is also referred to as androgenetic alopecia. Surprisingly, male pattern baldness contributes to 95% of male hair loss.

2) Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata refers to balding as patches on the skin in which the hair grows. It is an autoimmune disorder that damages the hair follicles without causing any textural changes in the skin. However, the damages are irreversible. The condition can also resolve within a year in some cases.

3) Telogen Effluvium

This refers to the shedding rate of the hair and can return to normal. It is induced by stress or the birthing process in women. However, the shedding rate goes back to normal after a few months.

Hence, whether or not a hair can grow after balding is a question that can be answered on what caused the balding in the first place. There are many techniques and methods which have been introduced by medical research to regrow your hair in certain situations. Hence, while this is happening, one needs to be patient and trust the process.

If you have alopecia and are looking to hide the bald spot, then your best option is to get a non-surgical hair treatment.

non-surgical hair treatment is the best option in this case, as you can have a natural look without changing your lifestyle. For instance, if you love sports and taking a hair shower, you can do all of this without any hassle.

Yes, it is the best course of treatment for individuals who have a bald spot. Surgery is also an alternative, but it should be considered a last resort when none of the treatments work.

However, you can resort to medications if you are at the onset of balding, like when you have a thin hairline or a visible scalp. For instance, introducing Vitamin D into your diet can help you in the long run. This includes consuming milk, fatty fish, mushrooms, walking in the sunlight, and more. Apart from this, iron deficiency can also cause male hairloss, balding and even female balding too. Hence, incorporate iron in your diet, which can be found in leafy vegetables and meat.

Other deficient causes of hair loss include omega-3, biotin, and proteins. Making such changes in your diet can help you grow your hair density if you are at the onset of balding. However, growing your hair back is not easy; it takes time, and you need to be patient with it.

Tips to avoid hair loss

  • Use DTH blocking shampoo if you have a history of male baldness in your family. This is because DTH Dihydrotestosterone or licorice can restrict the growth of hair. Some shampoos block DTH and reverse male baldness.
  • Massage your scalp lightly with essential oils like Lavender, coconut oil, and others to maintain blood circulation and stimulate hair growth.
  • Discuss the balding with your doctor and check if the usage of medications like Finasteride and Minoxidil can make a difference.
  • Incorporate a diet rich in Vitamins, proteins, iron, omega-3, and more.


As observed, the answer to whether or not male baldness can be reversed depends on the underlying condition in which the hairloss occurs in the first place. Hence, it’s best to get a consult and find the root cause. However, if you have a bald spot and are looking for treatments, the non-surgical hair treatment is your best option. Hence, you have options and don’t stress about the same. Keep a patient mind, evaluate all your options, and make the best decision.

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