How does non-surgical hair treatment work in male hair loss?

hair treatment work in male hairloss?

Male Hairloss or Balding is a growing concern among men. Many attribute this to genetics, while it can be caused due to stress and hormones in growing men. The hairline reduction is the first phase of the onset of male Baldness. Statistics suggest that more than 50 million men suffer from Male Baldness. However, with research and advancements in technology, the introduction of non-surgical hair treatment will end your worry about having a bald head. Hence, even though you lose your hair, there are remedies to help you restore your hair.

Myths about the treatment

Many believe that non-surgical hair treatment refers to a fancy name for adding a wig to cover your balding area. That is completely false, as non-surgical hair treatment for restoration is one of the most advanced hair restoration methods. You will learn more about non-surgical hair treatment in this article.

What is non-surgical hair treatment for hair restoration?

Firstly, scrap the idea that non-surgical hair treatment refers to wearing a wig. The technique used in non-surgical hair treatment work is quite subtle and makes the whole process natural and catered to customized needs.

The treatment will allow you to live your life comfortably and make it seem far more natural.

How does non-surgical Hair treatment work?

The procedure involves attaching a membrane with hair to your scalp that matches your natural hair’s direction, color, and density. The adhesive used is natural and strong with advanced bonding technology to attach the membrane to the scalp making it easier to go around your daily activities without any hassle.

Things to be done before undergoing the treatment.

This non-surgical hair treatment is done in a customized manner. Hence, it requires consultation to discuss the initial design that goes with your scalp. This is done by finding the ideal choice based on your hair properties like direction, color, and style. This takes around a couple of months.

That being said, you can avoid this step altogether and go with a pre-made product if you want to get the hair restoration done immediately. Therefore, it is evident that if you want to compromise on quality, the treatment can be done without consultation and go with the existing product.

After the consultation, two more steps are involved in completing the procedure. The first is deciding on the membrane material, and the second is the binding procedure.

  • First Element

Multiple membranes can be used to attach to the scalp. The three prominent ones used by non-surgical hair treatment practitioners are lace, polyurethane, and monofilament. Well, each of these materials is compatible with your scalp in a different way. Hence, the material of the membrane will depend on your scalp needs. For instance, if your scalp needs a breathable environment, then the monofilament material is the best option. Whereas polyurethane is practically invisible on your scalp, and lace is known to offer the most natural results. Adding to that, Lace material is often used when the male baldness area is higher and needs to cover more ground.

  • Second Element

This is the last key element in the hair-restoration treatment. It involves the binding material to combine the membrane with the scalp. It uses the latest bonding technology with adhesives that are inert to your sweat or water. Hence, you can freely wash your hair and play sports without hassle. Sometimes, one needs to completely shave their hair to fit the scalp membrane.

Why should one opt for non-surgical hair treatment?

After the discussion, the question is, why would one prefer the non-surgical hair  treatment to other treatments available for male baldness. Well, the answer to this is straightforward. Other treatments include Finasteride or Minoxidil to stimulate hair growth. However, these don’t work in many males due to multiple reasons. So, while this option doesn’t treat baldness, you can get results with the non-surgical hair treatment treatment from a medical point of view.

Well, there are other medical opinions as well at this point. For instance, one can also resort to surgery but keep it as a last resort. Obviously, not all patients are enthusiastic about getting surgical treatment as they find surgery as a last resort if it’s absolutely necessary. Apart from this, when you consider surgery for hair restoration, it utilizes your existing hair for the success of the surgery. Therefore, if you have a big bald spot, then surgery might not be the best option. Furthermore, while surgery works in some cases, and if your hair starts shedding, you might need to redo the surgery, and this might cause hairloss in the donor area. Hence, Is is considered that surgery is not a viable option and only a last resort if and when applicable.

Therefore, this treatment is the best option since it doesn’t disturb the existing environment of your hair. Male Hairloss Bonding can be resolved with the non-surgical hair treatment treatment without any consequences.

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