As an all-too-brief autumn fades away following the long summer of 2016 and commuters prepare themselves to do battle with ice before their morning drives once again, there are men and women around the UK who are noticing, for the first time, an unusual chill against their scalp.Winter

This time of year can be revelatory for those of us who suffer from hair loss. It’s easy to miss a steady thinning until it’s very far advanced, but as you walk along the street and feel a cold breeze where before you’d only have noticed the ruffling of your hair, it’s impossible not to realise what’s happening.

Coming to Terms

There are as many different reactions to this realisation as there are people losing their hair. Some embrace it, some contemplate it, and some are devastated. For many of us, after all, our hair is an integral part of our self-image.

So what do you do?

Well, there’s a great advantage to noticing your thinning hair early. It gives you a chance to experiment with different looks and styles and it gives you an opportunity to think about what you’ll do as you continue to lose your hair.

Looking Ahead

That’s probably what’s brought you to this blog entry, and there’s a good chance that you’ll be looking at the links across the top of the page thoughtfully, weighing up our solutions, our advice on coping with hair loss, and the science behind our hair replacement systems.

You now have a period of time where you can consider whether or not you want to book a consultation with us and decide on which of our services might be right for you before your friends and family are likely even to notice.

As we’ve said, many people decide to embrace their hair loss (in which case we recommend a good warm winter hat!) but if you choose not to, this is a golden opportunity to maintain a full head of hair without anyone noticing the transition.

If you have any further questions, or if you want to discuss a consultation, you can always contact us via our online form or at the numbers provided here.