It is a sad fact that hair loss will probably affect many of us at some point in our lives, yet balding still holds a social stigma in our society.

Whether your hair loss is as a consequence of a medical condition, physical stresses on the scalp, or (like 95% of hair loss sufferers) a result of male pattern baldness, the stress and embarrassment which many people suffer can be, psychologically extremely damaging.

The vast majority of people facing thinning and balding want nothing more than to reduce the signs of their thinning hair, as much as possible, fortunately there are a number of things which can be done to do just that.

New Image Clinics is one of the UK’s leading hair loss advice centres, providing state of the art hair replacement techniques to help return a full head of hair and restore natural confidence as a result.

Once you have identified the symptoms and the kind of conditions you face there are a range of options available to help combat your hair loss so the first step to combating hair loss is to understand exactly what type of hair loss you face and what options are available to you. Speaking with an expert like those at New Image can help you get a better idea of the techniques which can be used and what to expect. Moving forwards, you will not only retain your existing hair, but also restore it to how it looked before the loss occurred.

The sheer range of treatments, products, supplements and procedures which claim to offer a solution to hair loss can be truly baffling and how can you tell which will work? With a wealth of information and knowledge behind them the team at New Image can give honest, helpful advice to help combat your hair loss symptoms. As well as help over the phone they also provide a wealth of knowledge on their website and can be contacted via their quick contact forms on the site.

In the short-term, minor lifestyle changes like avoiding stress, eating healthily, sleeping well and reducing the stress exerted on your scalp by washing, brushing and generally caring for your hair more carefully, can all help to reduce your rate of hair loss. In the longer term, exploring hair replacement techniques like the state of the art non-surgical hair transplants on offer at New Image Clinics is the most effective method to begin restoring your hairline to its former condition.

For those experiencing extensive hair loss, New Image Clinics offer a state of the art technique which is often referred to as “Non Surgical Transplanting” this produces both in the short and long term, far superior results to those achieved by Surgical Transplants. The technique uses an advanced artificial, semi-permeable membrane or “second skin” which bonds seamlessly with the scalp to give a completely natural look and feel to your new full head of hair.

The technique provides instant results, is painless, undetectable from a natural head of hair and allows for a fully active lifestyle including showering, swimming and physical exercise and is incredibly affordable. It may sound too good to be true but it isn’t.

Contact New Image Clinics today and see how they can help you regain your hair, and your confidence. Call 0800 018 4247 now.