When you’re looking for hair loss solutions, it’s easy to hope for a miracle cure that will return your hair to what it used to be. While the miracle cure may not exist, technology has created many new solutions that will help you to look great and regain your confidence. Just beginning to thin or conventionally bald, when you contact New Image Consultants, you will be given expert advice on how these breakthroughs can be used to maintain/restore that natural looking head of hair.

If you want hair that grows you’ll need to consider the various surgical options of Hair transplanting but you also need to be aware of the limitations and long term implications. Quite simply, surgical transplants cannot cure hair loss.

Transplanting in it’s various forms does exactly what it says, it relocates hair follicles (hair roots) from the dense back and sides to the thinning areas in the crown, top and front, but new hair is not regenerated where the follicles have been taken from. Thinning in the original loss area is likely to continue and in the long term, again the only hair likely to be left in this area will be the small amount which has been transplanted. Think about it, it’s simple maths, because it doesn’t regenerate!

If you prefer to avoid the pain, long recovery/re-growth times and the long term continued thinning of coverage associated with surgery, hair replacement may be best for you. Unlike surgery, hair replacement adds to your existing hair and is a reliable way to recreate the look and feel of your original hair without invasive surgery. The replacement process creates a true, natural level of density, something which cannot be achieved with surgical transplanting. Natural and synthetic hairs are chosen based on your own natural hair colour and they are implanted into a ‘second skin’. This second skin is applied to your scalp, much like a contact lens is applied to the eye, and because it has been crafted uniquely for you, it blends seamlessly with your existing hair and gives you a completely natural looking hairline individually sculpted for you. It’s quick, painless and gives you a natural look without the delay associated with a transplant.

Hair replacement has another advantage over surgery. As we age, changes occur, hairline recessions go deeper and higher. Most of us will gradually begin to grey as we get older, and even the best head of hair thins to some degree. With Hair replacement ongoing changes can be made with no problem. You’ll receive ongoing service and support from New Image Consultants to make sure you remain happy and confident with your hair and your appearance.

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