Why Our Hair Replacement Solutions Work

Hair loss can be a very difficult condition to deal with, which is why when you seek help, you want to know that it’s help that focuses on your needs. When you choose New Image Consultants, you will be choosing a service that provides long term, affordable solutions and aftercare, focused on making sure that you get the treatment you need for increased confidence and happiness.

You will have the benefit of access to senior technicians who have many years of expertise and a wealth of experience in the field of hair replacement. The advice they give will always be made with your best interests at heart, helping you to find the solutions that suits you best.

You will also be given affordable care, to ensure that your hair replacement meets your long term needs. Many of our existing clients have been with us since the beginning, some 20+ years ago, and continue to be happy with our service today. We want to offer you the same continuing confidence and happiness which these clients enjoy, setting you up for a real, lifelong solution.

Caring About Your Feelings

Your hair loss solutions are as much about your feelings as your hair, and we understand that you may not want friends and family to know that you are seeking a consultation. To help you find the solution you need without fear of judgement, we have chosen names for our clinics that do not directly reference hair loss, and that can be visited discreetly.

This policy has become even more important as we increase the support offered to Oncology patients, and as such we do not intend to change it. Even as the company grows, your privacy and your feelings are at the forefront of our services.

Our Aims

The main aims of New Image Consultants are:

To continually provide you with practical, affordable solutions to hair loss problems, with a caring and professional approach. Many other providers are often perceives as uncaring, aggressive and high-pressure, and we want you to find a service you can trust.

To maintain New Image Consultants and its affiliates at the forefront of modern hair loss technology, maintaining a leading and dynamic role for your benefit. Even as other companies try to copy our procedures and emulate our successes, technological and protocol refinements ensure that your service continues to be the cutting edge of its field.

To maintain the highest possible quality of service at affordable costs.

To see more of the services available to you, take a look at our hair replacement page, or get in touch with us on 0113 238 3705to book an appointment where we can go through the options with you.