Discreet Hair Systems for Men And Women

What Are Hair Replacement Systems?

Old forms of hair replacement traditionally have a bad reputation, words like “wigs” and “hair pieces” holding negative connotations. Here at New Image Consultants, we’ve been able to change this perception.

Mens Hair Replacement Systems

Modern hair replacement systems provide non-invasive,non-surgical options for dealing with hair loss. You won’t have to suffer the pain, discomfort or various problems associated with medical hair transplant procedures.

Using Micro Skin Technology we replace the lost hair on your scalp. This technology provides unmatched results when compared to any other known hair loss treatment. It becomes completely indistinguishable from your original, natural head of hair. We’ll show you how incredible results can be achieved.

How do Hair Replacement Systems Work?

We are one of only two companies who were selected by the originators in America, to introduce this technology to the UK. The technique now forms the basis for all of the most advanced hair systems available anywhere in the world. It utilises an advanced “second skin” which bonds with the scalp creating an appearance which is virtually undetectable from a natural scalp.

Hair Replacement System

Using samples from your natural hair, the colour and texture is specially selected to blend with your own natural hair. Injecting the selected individual strands into the second skin, we replicate your natural hair to achieve desired growth, shape and density.

The unrivalled level of care and service during every step of the procedure has made us one of the UK’s leading hair replacement companies. We have a high degree of knowledge and expertise built over many years by our technicians. This allows us to create a style and look you could otherwise only dream of; you can once again feel relaxed and confident.